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The Great Twitter Adventure

We’ve been on Twitter for a few months now (@advcyclingassoc), and I’m finding the spirited public interaction to be quite addictive. And we’ve been getting feedback from all kinds of cyclists that Twitter is the place to be if you’re … Continue reading

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Outside Over There

Sleeping outside is, in my opinion, one of life’s greatest pleasures (but I do know not everyone will agree!) The wind in the trees, the evening crickets, the rushing river nearby: all harmonize in the creation of the ultimate lullaby. … Continue reading

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A Legend in His Own Time

If expeditionary travel by bicycle ever had its own Lance Armstrong—or maybe its version of Sir Edmund Hillary would be a better comparison—I would have to say it was the late Ian Hibell (HIGH-bell). Ian, small in stature but huge … Continue reading

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Touring Wheels

There are few touring components that have been neglected by the industry more than wheels. Most stock touring bikes incorporate their own custom-built wheels to accommodate the rugged conditions they will face. This is great if you’re purchasing a new … Continue reading

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In the Interbike Candy Store

What follows is a special post from our executive director, Jim Sayer, who will soon become a regular, here on the blog. He just finished up his visit to Interbike and shares some of his thoughts… “I just attended the … Continue reading

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Bicycle Travel Friendly Communities

Yesterday’s tale from Coyville, Kansas, was hardly an anomaly. There have been some really amazing stories about things done to accommodate bike travelers around the country. For example, some generous folks in Twin Bridges, Montana, created a campground specifically tailored … Continue reading

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Putting out the Welcome Mat

It seems to me that stories like the following are becoming more frequent. I’m not sure if it’s due to the current ease of sharing information, or if the actual number of such incidents is going up. I hope it’s … Continue reading

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