Montana on my Mind

I think a lot about how lucky I am that the Adventure Cycling headquarters are located in Montana; I’ve traveled quite a bit and I’ll say with complete honesty that I’ve never been anywhere that’s held the same allure as Big Sky Country. K. Ross Toole, in Montana, an Uncommon Land, wrote, “There is nothing little or moderate about Montana.” It is indeed a land of grandeur–stunning, mountainous landscapes and wide open spaces.

This summer I’d like to invite you to cycle through beautiful southwestern Montana: to discover Bozeman, the Big Hole, and Butte from a different kind of saddle. Round up a group of your friends and family members and get ready for a week-long supported tour through the wild, wild west. I’m pretty sure that, by the week’s end, you’ll know exactly why I choose to call Montana home.

photo by Sarah Raz

ON THE ROAD is posted each Tuesday by Sarah Raz, Adventure Cycling’s Tours Specialist and Intrepid Traveler, and shines a spotlight on the daily delights that take place on Adventure Cycling Tours.

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  1. Anonymous says:

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    The Scioto River Band.

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