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U.S. Bicycle Route System Update: New Actions & Connections

Here’s a list of new actions and inspiring connections that I made related to the U.S. Bicycle Route System as a result of this year’s National Bike Summit: I had breakfast with Jim McDonnell, AASHTO liaison to the U.S. Bicycle … Continue reading

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They Ride for a Reason

In 2008, we dedicated the September/October issue of Adventure Cyclist to the phenomenon of cause-related bike travel. At the time, I felt that it was a growing trend and wanted to draw attention to these rides, some organized through a … Continue reading

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DC Area Cycling Tours: Something for Everyone

If you’re on the East Coast, particularly in the DC area, you may want to check out our tours on the C&O Canal/GAP this summer. This season we’re really offering something for everyone on this route: a fully-supported tour which … Continue reading

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Please Permit Me to Rant

I know I’m not alone when saying one of my pet peeves is seeing people talking on their cell phones, or fiddling with their handhelds, while multi-tasking at something really important — like, say, operating a motor vehicle. Nothing terrifies … Continue reading

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Chain Lubricants

Chain lubricant seems as though it is a straight forward decision, however, selecting the proper lubricant for your environment and style of riding can add quite a bit of life to your chain and cassette. The goal of any lube … Continue reading

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Dear Bob–A Journey Through the Deep South–Hog Hunting

It had been twenty years since I had done a long distance bicycle journey in the United States. There had been plenty of pedaling … but all outside U.S. borders. My first trip had ignited a passion for bicycle travel. … Continue reading

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40,000+ and Climbing!

I’ve been thinking a lot about our routes lately, and all the people that benefit from traveling by bicycle. Some of the stories we hear are pretty amazing. Everything from people fundraising for important causes to people needing to take … Continue reading

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