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The Dunes

When I show this photo, it is rare that someone guesses the country of origin correctly. But if you cycle all the way to the tip of the North Island of New Zealand, you’ll discover the Te Paki sand dunes. … Continue reading

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What if cycling was your only choice?

<!– Slideshow – Portraits of India on Two-Wheels — Images by Gregg Bleakney In 2005, I made a choice to go car-free in favor of using a bicycle as my primary source of mobility. And, every time I saddle up … Continue reading

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Coming Soon: Sierra Cascades Bicycle Route

I am knee deep in helping to apply the finishing touches needed to release the Sierra Cascades Bicycle Route, so no real post today. Stay tuned though, the maps are coming soon! — GEOPOINTS BULLETIN is written by Jennifer ‘Jenn’ … Continue reading

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Meet Scott Anderson: Working on USBR 20 in Michigan

Meet Scott Anderson, a volunteer for Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance and a transportation consultant. Scott called me a few years back, anxious to get started on developing U.S. Bicycle Routes in Michigan. His knowledge of transportation and bicycle travel … Continue reading

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The Wild Wild Webs We Weave

This week a wild web of connections emerged between NPR, Ray LaHood, Adventure Cycling’s work on the U.S. Bicycle Route System, and Lance Armstrong. If you haven’t listened to NPR’s Sunday story about cycling or read Ray LaHood’s inspiring blog … Continue reading

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Meet Sam Hall – New Tours Specialist!

Hello Adventure Cyclists! This here is Sam Hall and I am the newest addition to the Tours Team here at Adventure Cycling’s World Headquarters. I have been given the distinct privilege of taking over our weekly “On The Road” blog … Continue reading

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Rumble Strip Report

A little while ago, our special projects director, Ginny Sullivan, reported on rumble strip mayhem. We were receiving reports from around the country of the indiscriminate application of rumble strips or stripes to secondary roads, often prime cycling roads in … Continue reading

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