Let Yourself Eat Pie!

‘Tis the season … the eating season that is! Festivities, family gatherings, and parties: essentially from Thanksgiving through the first of the New Year, you’ll find gastronomic landmines everywhere! Ahhh, my mouth is watering already, envisioning those cute little hors d’oeuvres, giant turkeys, cakes, cookies, pies, more pie!

Soon you will find yourself rolling from one party to the next. But don’t fret, I haven’t made your mouth water in vain! I have a diabolical ‘pie’ plan for you! You can eat all you want, just as long as you cycle more! I have calculated the number of pie units (a.k.a the number of pieces of pumpkin pie) that you can eat as long as you commit to one of Adventure Cycling’s great and early tours! This is science folks, cycling takes energy, so don’t fret, follow my plan. Below, I have calculated the total number of pie units* you can eat as long as you sign up for one of the following Adventure Cycling tours.

California Kick Start = 62.2 pieces of pie
Southern Arizona Road = 57.5 pieces of pie
Texas Hill Country = 59.8 pieces of pie
So, go ahead and indulge in that 10th or 50th piece of pumpkin pie, you deserve it, and gosh darn it you’re gonna need it if you eat, sleep, and ride with Adventure Cycling!
*Pie units have been calculated based on moderate cycling activity with approximately 3,056 calories being burned over a 4 hour period. These calculations are very conservative. You can safely add at least 10 more pieces of pie to all the above estimates.

Photo by Gregg Bleakney

ON THE ROAD is written by Mo Mislivets, tours specialist and intrepid cyclocross maven, covering all things related to Adventure Cycling’s tours department. Check out our 2011 guided tours today.

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One Response to Let Yourself Eat Pie!

  1. KM says:

    Great post Mo. But I am probably one of those rare individuals that is not fond of pumpkin pie. I have to assume the same conversion rate of pie units works for, say, cherry pie, right?

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