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Remember to Check the Addenda

As planning wraps up and last minute details come into focus for bike trips long and short, remember that if you are using an Adventure Cycling route map you will want to make sure you’ve got the most recent addendum. … Continue reading

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Help Measure the Environmental Sustainability of Cycle Tourists

As you know, the U.S. Bicycle Route System will one day be a network of bicycle routes that connect urban, suburban, and rural areas for transportation, recreation, and tourism. The idea behind the system is that it will provide a … Continue reading

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Two adventure cyclists, their folding bikes, and Amtrak

I love train travel: the rocking motion of the cars, moving at a more human pace than car or plane travel, the truly wonderful (and sometimes strange) characters that I meet, the space and time for creating connections and making … Continue reading

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Doing Our Part, One Used Box at a Time

Have you ever noticed that you received your Adventure Cycling order in a used box? That’s because we try to utilize gently-used containers when we send out our goods. We do the earth a favor, and save everyone money. What … Continue reading

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Troubleshooting on the TransAm

With the summer tour season rapidly approaching, our staff has been busy answering questions by phone and email to help riders plan and prepare for their spring and summer tours, both with Adventure Cycling and on their own. The questions … Continue reading

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Bridges to Somewhere

Sometimes things arrive in pairs for a reason, I believe. And in this case, maybe the reason is so that I would write about them here. “Them” are two video links that landed in my in-box last week, both featuring … Continue reading

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Side Trips

When planning out a bike trip, it is really easy to focus solely on the route from point A to point B. However, once you hit the road, you may find a town that you are crazy about and want … Continue reading

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