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Muddy Trails

Last weekend I took the dogs for a walk on one of my favorite neighborhood hiking trails and encountered lots of mud. The dogs didn’t think a thing about it, just slopped through it, but I started thinking about the … Continue reading

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Video: A Historic Ride Through Adventure Cycling Association

In this video produced by America ByCycle about Adventure Cycling, America ByCycle heads to the Adventure Cycling Association headquarters in Missoula, Montana to meet the people behind the maps. There they finally get to weigh their fully-loaded bikes, meet Greg Siple, one of the … Continue reading

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A Leap Day Mantra

In 1996, I was eleven years old. I will never forget the classes’ reaction to finding out our classmate, Jared, was born on February 29. It was like someone was playing a joke on us. Mrs. French explained that Jared … Continue reading

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Fashion Week = Good News for Cyclists

So maybe you haven’t been raptly following fashion shows all over the world these past few weeks (Fashion Week NY took place last week and Fashion Week London is going on as I write!) but if there’s one thing I … Continue reading

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Hood Canal Loop: A Teen’s First Tour

This week’s Bike Overnight was composed by an adventurous young lady named Alex, who writes: “My name is Alex Chiles, I am from Seattle. When I was 16, I discovered my love for cycling and, more specifically, touring. At the … Continue reading

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Winter Just Got Better!

I have to admit I’m definitely a ‘slider*’, I love the snow, I love playing in it, and when it starts to fall I’m basically a kid again, mesmerized by floating flakes, my heart thumping with thoughts of no school … Continue reading

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Windy Rides

We’ve had a calm winter overall here in Montana, but this past week acted as a good reminder of what it’s like to ride in harsh conditions, specifically heavy winds. With that in mind, here are some tips to help … Continue reading

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