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Celebrating Cycling and the New Year in Central Mass.

Armchair readers of this week’s Bike Overnight post will be whisked to central Massachusetts for a vicarious New Year’s velo tour documented by Doug Reich, who did the ride with his fiancée Rachel. Doug lives in Somerville, Massachusetts, where he … Continue reading

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Air Mattresses On The Road

Southern Tier participant Dee Griffin entertains us all with her great emails detailing daily life on our spring Southern Tier journey, and gives great tips and tidbits about bicycle touring. Below is her tip for blowing up her air mattress … Continue reading

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Breaking out of the Saddle

Bicycle touring is a blast, and great way to see some good sights, but it can also be a good way to enjoy activities other than bicycle touring. Over the past few years, my touring companion, Sarah, and I have … Continue reading

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Kids on Bikes!

Kids on Bikes! They make me smile. They give me hope for the future. We met the kids on the left up in Northern Thailand. In a country that has fully embraced the scooter, it was rare for us to … Continue reading

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Pedaling Through the Tulips

Nope, not me out there pedaling — if you squint at the photo you can see what I’m talking about. I happened to catch a couple of cyclists from afar while wandering the tulip fields near where I’ve been the … Continue reading

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Bearing Witness to History by Bicycle

I’ve just finished Edward P. Jones’ extraordinary book, The Known World. Published in 2003, the novel explores the painful relationships wrought by slavery, weaving in a little know historical fact that there were freed blacks who owned slaves. It’s a beautifully … Continue reading

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10 Ways to Stay Healthy on a Bike Tour

The April issue of Adventure Cyclist delivers a detailed Cyclist Travel Guide. But since Adventure Cyclist anticipates that our readers will be keen on more information, we present the third of four blog posts by Ryan McAfee and Michelle Cassel (of America ByCycle) to appear in the … Continue reading

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